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Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

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Movement is health, and health is movement and joy! 

Rehabilitation or physiotherapy may be applied in almost any kind of disease. If performed properly physiotherapy may prevent surgery or help you recover from it faster and fuller. 
At the Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Center we offer a heated pool, Russian banya, Jacuzzi, accommodation facilities, overnight stays and food. We combine the experience and skills of physiotherapists with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver good and fast results.

Apart from these, we also offer kinesitherapy (remedial gymnastics), manual therapy, massages by experienced professionals.

Physiotherapy speeds up the healing and recovery process, eases pain, helps to restore movement and to recover the normal mobility of your muscles and joints, which improves the quality of life.

We provide access to our services for all public patients under the health care agreement we have with the National Health Insurance Fund. 

Rehabilitation is an active treatment method. You do your remedial exercises, we can offer excellent facilities, pleasant environment and all prerequisites for your easier and faster recovery. 

We dispose of modern equipment that has beneficial effects in managing arthrosis, achillodynia, sacroiliac joint pain, lymphoedema, epicondylitis, dislocation, ischias, lumbodynia, myalgia, muscle pain, venous circulation disorders, osteosynthesis, postoperative cares /where there are metal implants, swellings, pareses, strains/, sprain, Achilles tendon rupture, postoperative cares, tendon rupture/tear, muscle fiber rupture, cervical spine trauma (whiplash), pain due to a trauma, fibrosis, fibrositis 1, fibrositis 2.     

Among our modern equipment is the DEEP OSCILLATION®Personal designed for mobile use that has been proved to be effective in managing pain in the muscles, stretched tendons, inflammations, swellings, wounds, etc. Innovative deep oscillation therapeutic method that allows faster recovery after surgery, traumatic injuries, and in neurological indications such as pain, swelling, inflammation, and wound repair.