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Old Age Care Home

Old Age Care Home

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At Old Age Care Home Manastirski rid, we bring care, recreation services and comfort to our residents so that they live well and with dignity into old age. Thanks to the various facilities and our staff we provide accommodations and dining, and a high quality of life for the elderly. At Old Age Care Home Manastirski rid, our residents are going to be treated well, receive 24-7 medical control and healthcare services by our highly trained and qualified specialists, opportunities to socialize, recreation and rest, as well as a security guard and video monitoring to ensure they live in a secure and safe environment. The elderly shall be able to enjoy a peaceful environment, fresh air, tasty food and any other amenity they need to feel calm and happy every day. Our mission is to ensure that both our residents and staff feel as a family.

We have a healthcare agreement with the National Health Insurance Fund and dispose of all necessary licenses covering all requirements for a VIP home for provision of accommodation and care for old people. 

Apart from these, we allow opportunities for visits from family and friends at any time, even with the option to stay overnight in Care Home Manastirski rid upon request.


Old Age Care Home Manastirski rid consists of 3 self-contained small houses and one big house. All buildings are in one common yard, with a beautiful garden, benches and barbeque.

Each of the self-contained houses comprises 2, 3 or 4 rooms respectively.  Each room is envisaged to accommodate 2 persons. There is an opportunity for a single occupancy upon request and additional agreement. 

In the big house, except for the 3 rooms for accommodations, there are also vast premises for dining, rest, recreation, etc., equipped in a traditional folk style offering all amenities. There is also a physician’s room and rooms for the staff.

Each room offers the following amenities:

- separate bed 
- wardrobe
- bedside tables 
- separate bathroom and WC 
- refrigerator
- TV set with a cable TV
- internet and telephone 
- heating: air-conditioner in each room 
- nurse call button beside each bed 

Each house, as well as the big house, has a fire alarm system.  


Our team consists of a social worker, occupational therapist, general practitioner, 4 nurses, rehabilitator and attendants. We dispose of all necessary facilities in full compliance with the most recent requirements and licenses. Apart from these, we also offer individual care depending on the resident and the requirements.


At Old Age Care Home Manastirski rid, our absolute priority is to ensure that every resident receives the best care possible, and we have taken into account all human needs and legal requirements. Our team sees to the good health and comfort of our residents. Part of the cares and services we offer are as follows:

- 24-7 healthcare services 

- visit every morning with measuring the blood pressure 

Washing of clothes and bedclothes: on a regular basis and as often as it becomes necessary 

- thorough cleaning of the rooms 

- assistance in visiting a dentist or other specialist 

- medicine taking under medical control 

We offer additional option: Russian banya, pool, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, massages, etc. 

We dispose of a special setting for dining and opportunity to serve food in the room/bed if needed. Meals occur 4 times a day: in the morning, at lunchtime, as an afternoon snack and in the evening. We also offer assistance in feeding, as well as a specialized food for diabetic patients. At special holidays and birthdays the food and drinks is compatible with the occasion.


At Old Age Care Home Manastirski rid, we have made all arrangements to ensure that our residents spend their days pleasantly and in a friendly cohabitation. We offer: 

- a large garden with benches and barbecue 

- morning exercises 

- walk in the eco park that is neighboring our Care Home 

- rest and recreation setting with a variety of favourite games and hobbies: chest, backgammon, cards, library, movies, sewing, crosswords, etc. 

- visits to a theater and cinema 

- organized events and celebrating holidays and birthdays 


Admission to Old Age Care Home Manastirski rid is based on an agreement that sets out all amenities offered by our home, the services and the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

It is necessary to submit documents from the general practitioner giving details about the general health condition of the person applying for admission, as well as to discuss the further details regarding his or her normal daily routines.

The only items the residents need to bring are their toiletry and other personal belongings as they will choose.

Price: BGN 990,00