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Regina Varna!

We look after your physical and mental health.


About us

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy Center

The Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Center provides a heated pool, Russian banya, Jacuzzi, accommodation facilities, overnight stays and food. 
Center providing accommodation for old people

Accommodation for old people

In our center located in the Manastirski rid Countryside in Varna, we provide sleeping accommodation; nutrition and food for diabetic patients; laundry; assistance in feeding and bathing; medical care; rehabilitation; library; leisure and recreational facilities; tours; visits to a theater, cinema, etc. We provide all necessary cares for the elderly. 

Contact Us

Old Age Care Home Manastirski rid:
Varna, Manastirki rid, № 234; 
phone: 0897 363 957

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Center Regina:
Varna, Alen Mak № 513
phone: 0887 326 006

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